The Web Scraping Group is an Australian provider of data harvesting and web scraping services. Our web scrapers are precision engineered to extract data from ANY website, including those with complex anti-scrape protection. Comprehensive management systems ensure a reliable supply of high quality, accurate data.

If you need once-off or ongoing data from a website, we can get it for you; fast, reliably and at a competitive price.

Your Benefits

Our core specialty is finding clever, cost-effective ways to scrape websites. Your benefits include:

& Discreet
We use geographically diverse proxies to provide three degrees of separation between the data scrapers and yourselves.
If a website’s content can be viewed on a browser, we can get it for you.
Flexible &
Both local and global sites accommodated with no limit on quantity. Scrapers can provide data in Excel and other formats.
Rapid Setup &
Fast Turn-around
Projects can be scoped and operational within days. Multiple spiders concurrently crawl target sites to ensure fast turnaround times.


Some of our web scraping projects include:

  • Extracting data from web sites for research and competitive analysis
  • Continuously tracking your competitors’ prices, products, service offerings, locations and even staff changes.
  • Identify your competitors’ detailed strategies by monitoring their staff’s on-line resumes.
  • Acquiring new CRM campaign data from online directories and lists
  • Obtaining a better understanding of your customers and trends from social media, forums, blogs and review sites
  • Regular or near-real-time updates of exchange rates, insurance rates , interest rates, mortgage rates, real estate, stock prices & travel
  • Automated keyword searches through major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Monitoring thousands of web pages and providing alerts when they change
  • Updating your web site with the latest products and prices from your suppliers’ web sites.
  • Scraping unstructured data from the web, cleaning-up and restructuring for analysis. (We also provide a comprehensive range of data analysis and modelling services that uncover new insights, improve productivity and boost organisation performance.)

No Data, No Payment, 30-Day GuaranteeNo Data, No Payment 30-Day Guarantee

On rare occasions, a website will successfully block our scraping attempts. This is often due to the use of a new anti-scrape mechanism, for which we have not yet developed a work-around. We guarantee however, that if we are unable to get your required data within the first 30 days from kick off, we will not charge you a cent, and any deposits paid will be fully refunded.

Clients of The Data Group

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